ORTODONTIA CONTEMPORÂNEA: Interview with Professor Dr. Jay Bowman - Part 4

sábado, 23 de junho de 2018

Interview with Professor Dr. Jay Bowman - Part 4

Marlos Loiola - You are a member of the Angle Society, tell us about the routine of a member of a society that is part of the History of Orthodontics. How are meetings and discussions?

Prof. Jay Bowman - The Angle Society of Orthodontists was formed in 1930 by the alumni of Angle’s school to honor their teacher—the father orthodontics.  It is important to note that Angle framed the 3 primary foundations of the 1st specialty in dentistry:  a school (in St. Louis), a journal (the American Journal), and an organization (the American Society) at the turn of the 20thcentury.  He grew disillusioned and soon tendered his resignation. Angle’s name was not officially recognized by the organization he founded until the Angle Lecture was created by the AAO a few years ago (by renaming the Heritage Lecture).

I was invited by Lysle Johnston to join the Eastern Component of the Angle Society but that means jumping over several hurdles of academics and clinical examinations to be accepted for membership—a process taking several years.  Upon completion of these requirements, members are required to attend and participate in our annual meetings and these are working 3-4 day events.  It is certainly not for everyone.  Lysle Johnston and Sheldon Peck instilled me with a fascination for orthodontic history and especially Edward Angle.  

Marlos Loiola - I already had the opportunity to talk to you about the History of Orthodontics. And you showed me a book containing letters and reports from Professor Edward Hartley Angle. In your readings, which parts attracted your attention the most?

Prof. Jay Bowman - It doesn’t take a long look at orthodontic history to decide that Edward Angle invented almost everything we use today. His inventiveness, drive, writing, and continual contemplation and enthusiasm for how he might make orthodontics better have certainly been influential.  

Marlos Loiola - At this year’s AAO Congress in Washington DC, you presented a lecture. What was the subject? What did you present to the audience?

Prof. Jay Bowman - The title of my talk this year was “Drastic Plastic:  Improving the Predictability of Clear Aligners.”  It was based on the series of articles that I’ve been involved in publishing on finding ways to make clear aligners produce results that I desired.

Marlos Loiola - Do you follow something the Brazilian orthodontics? Do you have any opinion? Do you have contact with some Brazilian Teachers and researchers?

Prof. Jay Bowman - Early in my career I was fortunate to have been invited to give lectures in Brasil and I cherish the memories from those trips. I became enamored with Brazilian culture, music, and the beauty of the Portuguese language.  I was fortune to have visited so many different places from Fortaleza, Recife, Goiania, Sao Paulo, Illabella, Rio, Maringa, and especially Foz do Iguacu.  I have had a number of articles published in Brazilian journals and I have collaborated with my good friend, Adilson Ramos.  

Marlos Loiola - Professor Jay Bowman what are your Final considerations?

Prof. Jay Bowman - The specialty of orthodontics has a long and distinguished history with many colorful individuals and influential leaders.  We’ve been subject to incredible advances and also many blind-paths have stymied us, too.  The magic of orthodontics isn’t some kind of technology or special appliance, it’s that careful treatment planning based on good training permits us to create incredible smiles and change people’s lives.  

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